South Sudan ECTN

South Sudan ECTN

South Sudan Cargo Tracking Note

ECTN is a loading certificate issued based on the transportation documents mentioning the kind and quantity of the cargo, freight, and goods value and shipment details (container details, loading & discharge port and dates, etc.). ECTN is issued for each Bill of Lading and has a unique number just for subject transportation / Bill of Lading; therefore, each Bill of Lading needs its own ECTN certificate/number.

Why is ECTN / Electronic Cargo Tracking Note Necessary for South Sudan?

CTN or any other loading certificate does inform the port authorities regarding the arrival date of the cargo and quantity, allowing the authorities to be prepared for the discharge operations in advance. To prevent delays and fines at the destination, it is advisable to check the ECTN laws for the port’s destination country if the products are being transported by sea. To be clear, the products arriving in Mombasa, Massawa, Port Sudan, Dar es Salaam, or Djibouti would simply require obtaining an ECTN certificate for South Sudan as those mentioned ports do not require transit freights to have a BESC certificate.

Why must you obtain a South Sudan ECTN Certificate for your Shipments?

The cargo will not be cleared at customs without a valid ECTN certificate/number. Since cargo can not be cleared at customs until a valid ECTN is presented, the demurrage fee will be in question in addition to a penalty fee at customs.

Which Documents are Necessary for ECTN?

  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Customs Declaration
  • Freight Invoice (it is not necessary if the commercial invoice includes the freight value)

Points to Consider for South Sudan Shipments

  • South Sudan ECTN is necessary for all cargo. Shipments that arrive without an ECTN will get a penalty fee.
  • CTN certificate is issued based on the transportation documents submitted online, and a physical examination of the cargo will not be necessary.
  • Validation of the certificate will take 2 to 3 days and is under the authorities’ initiative.

Need help with ECTN / Electronic Cargo Tracking Note for South Sudan?

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