FERI (Fische Electronique de Renseignement à I’importation) is a mandatory loading certificate that must be issued to unload cargo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

(011/18 – 11th April 2011)


FERI can be issued with the following documents:

  • A stamped copy of BL (Bill of lading)
  • Commercial Invoice of the goods.


  • Shippers or forwarder agents have to submit the FERI certificate 5 days before the vessel arrives at the territorial waters of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • If FERI is absent, the FERI issuance will be paid at the arrival, plus a fine of %20 on the freight value. (409/021 – 23rd March 1992)

Notice: You may cancel the process anytime during the CTN Application.

What Products are Banned from being Imported into the Democratic Republic of Congo?

  • Animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epizootic diseases and plants affected by the epiphytic disease.
  • Some distilled beverages, pornography, and gambling machines
  • We do not provide ECTN certificates for any illegal product or equipment.

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