ITR Logistics is the exclusive representative for many shippers councils in Africa. We provide a tracking note (CTN) for goods that are exported from Middle East. Tracking notes are prepared and validated by our company and is necessary for custom clearance at destination.

With our experienced team and a network of sub-agents we are ready at your service.

Serviced destinations

We would like to remind you that without appropriate waiver you will face penalties and delays at port of discharge.

BOMA, MATADI / DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO —– > FERI ( Fiche Electronique de Renseignement à l’Importation)
POINTE NOIRE / REPUBLIC OF CONGO —– > E-CTN ( Electronic Cargo Tracking Note)
ABIDJAN / IVORY COAST —– > BSC (Bordereau De Suivi De Cargaison)
TOAMASINA, TAMATAVE / MADAGASCAR —– > BSC (Bordereau De Suivi De Cargaison)
OUAGADOUGOU / BURKINA FASO —– > E-CTN ( Electronic Cargo Tracking Note)
Tin Can, Apapa, Lagos / NIGERIA —– > ENS (Entry Summary Number)
NIAMEY / NIGER —– > BSC (Bordereau De Suivi De Cargaison) or CTN (Cargo Tracking Note)
CONAKRY / GUINEE —– > ENS (Entry Summary Number)
FREETOWN / SIERRA LEONE —– > ENS (Entry Summary Number)
DOUALA / CAMEROUN —– > BSC (Bordereau Electronic De Suivi De Cargaison)