All cargo shipped to Madagascar as of 24 March 2007 requires a Cargo tracking note (CTN/BSC – Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons). (Order n° 01/MFB/SG/DGD – 2007)

BSC certificate is an obligation for all shipped cargo, enabling the Malagasy authorities to control, track and identify all necessary information on cargo traffic. Therefore, BSC must be acquired by the shipper or the forwarder at least 3 days before the submission of the declaration.


BSC can be issued with the following documents

  • Original copy of the Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice of the goods.
  • Customs Declaration
  • Packing List


  • Failing to submit the BSC certificate, the cargo cannot be cleared and will be returned to its origin.
  • Customs Declaration amendments are subject to a fine of 2500 USD per Bill of lading. This amount will be debited to the agency that requests the correction.

Notice: You may cancel the process anytime during the CTN Application.

What Products are Banned from being Imported into Madagascar?

  • Animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epizootic diseases and plants from areas affected by epiphytic disease.
  • Some distilled beverages, pornography, and gambling machines
  • We do not provide ECTN certificates for any illegal product or equipment.

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