Libya ECTN

Libya ECTN

Libya Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

Libya ECTN provides the type and quantity of cargo, freight and cost of goods, and shipping details (container details, loading & unloading port and dates, etc.) CTN is issued for each Bill of Lading and has a unique number only for that particular transport / Bill of Lading; therefore, each Bill of Lading requires its own CTN certificate/number.

Why is Electronic Cargo Tracking Note Required for Libya?

CTN or any loading certificate informs the port authorities of the arrival date and amount of the cargo, allowing the authorities to prepare for the unloading operations in advance. CTN also prevents corruption by stating the price of the imported goods and transmitting the following transport documents shortly after loading the cargo, assuring the authorities that all transport documents are genuine and in order.

Why should you get Libya ECTN Certificate for your shipments?

Cargo will not be cleared without a valid ECTN certificate/number. Since it is impossible to clear the cargo from customs without presenting a valid CTN, there will be a demurrage fee in addition to the penalty fee at customs.

What Documents Are Required for ECTN?

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial invoice
  • Export Customs Declaration

Notice: You can cancel the process anytime during the CTN Application.

Things to consider when shipping to Libya

  • The certificate must be verified within 5 days of the original Bill of Lading; otherwise, the ECTN certificate will be revoked.
  • Any change invalidating the ECTN certificate will be subject to a change fee.
  • The verification process takes 2 to 3 days and is at the authorities’ discretion.
  • The CTN certificate is issued based on the transport documents submitted online, and there is no need for a physical examination of the cargo.

Libya’s Trade Border

Libya’s import volume

Libya‘s import volume was announced as 17.67 million dollars.

Libya’s Export Volume

Libya’s export volume was announced as 36.44 million dollars.

Need help with Libya Cargo Tracking Note?

We are at your service 24/7 to assist you with your Libya shipments. Please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or the contact form on the right.

Which Products Are Forbidden From Being Imported To Libya?

  • Animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epidemics and plants from areas affected by epiphytic diseases.
  • Some distilled beverages, pornography, and slot machines.
  • We do not provide ECTN certificates for any illegal product or equipment.

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