Since October 2001, all shipments with a final destination Niger requires a BSC certificate (Bordereau de suivi de cargaison / Cargo tracking note ) issued by ITR Logistics in the Middle East.

The below documents are required for issuance.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing List

Because Niger is an inland destination, the discharge port may require another BSC for that country. For instance, shipments to Niger via Togo need BSC for both Niger and Togo.

Notice: You may cancel the process anytime during the CTN Application.

What Products are Banned from being Imported into Niger?

  • Animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epizootic diseases and plants from areas affected by epiphytic disease.
  • Some distilled beverages, pornography, and gambling machines
  • We do not provide ECTN certificates for any illegal product or equipment.

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