Liberia CTN Certificate

Liberia CTN Certificate

Liberia Cargo Tracking Note

CTN is a loading certificate issued based on the transportation documents mentioning the kind and quantity of the cargo, freight, and goods value and shipment details (container details, loading & discharge port and dates, etc.). CTN is issued for each Bill of Lading and has a unique number just for subject transportation / Bill of Lading; therefore, each Bill of Lading needs its own CTN certificate/number.

Why is CTN / Cargo Tracking Note Necessary for Liberia?

CTN or any other loading certificate does inform the port authorities regarding the arrival date of the cargo and quantity, allowing the authorities to be prepared for the discharge operations in advance. CTN also prevents corruption by stating the actual price of the imported goods, and forwarding below mentioned transporting documents shortly after loading the cargo, assuring authorities all transportation documents are authentic and in order.

Why must you obtain a Liberia CTN Certificate for your Shipments?

The cargo will not be cleared at customs without a valid CTN certificate/number. Since cargo can not be cleared at customs until a valid CTN is presented, the demurrage fee will be in question in addition to a penalty fee at customs.

Which Documents are Necessary for CTN?

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice
  • Customs Declaration Form

Notice: You may cancel the process anytime during the CTN Application.

Points to Consider for Liberia Shipments

  • Liberia CTN is necessary for the cargo if the port of discharge is in Liberia and the cargo is in transit to another country.
  • CTN certificate is issued based on the transportation documents submitted online, and a physical examination of the cargo will not be necessary.
  • Validation of the certificate will take 2 to 3 days and is under the authorities’ initiative.

Liberia’s Trade Cap

Liberia’s import volume

Liberia’s import volume was declared to be $ 1.166 billion.

Liberia’s Export volume

Liberia’s export volume was declared to be $ 454 million.

Need help with CTN / Cargo Tracking Note for Liberia?

We are available 24/7 to help you with your Liberia shipments. Please get in touch with us via WhatsApp, email, or the contact form on this page you can see.

What Products are Banned from being Imported into Liberia?

  • Animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epizootic diseases and plants from areas affected by epiphytic disease.
  • Some distilled beverages, pornography, and gambling machines
  • We do not provide ECTN certificates for any illegal product or equipment.

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