Updated Charges For Benin ECTN

Following recent events related to ECTN in Benin we hereby communicate you the latest updates and a reminder on an update made on March 20:

The correction costs is set to a maximum of 100 Euros

This means that the correction costs for large ECTN (500 Euros or more) will be 100 points regardless of their original cost. For ECTN under 500 points, the correction costs is still 20% of the original cost of the ECTN.


International ECTN validation and payment

  • Please note that payment and validation of the ECTN at departure of the vessel at the port of loading is still required. If the cargo arrives without an ECTN the clearing process will be severely delayed while the required obligations are filled. Forwarders must continue to create their ECTN with their local agent, and not attempt to create ECTN locally.
  • Penalties related to RoRo: vehicles not covered by an ECTN according to the regulations is a violation that obliges the importer not only to create an international ECTN online, but will also result in a penalty of fifty thousand (50.000) CFA per vehicle.

Notice: You may cancel the process anytime during the CTN Application.

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